Christina Campanella

(music) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work combines songwriting, sound design, recording, and live performance. As a resident artist at HERE Arts Center from 2006-09, she co-created RED FLY/BLUE BOTTLE (EMPAC ’10, Noorderzon Festival, Groningen ’09, HERE ’09, Chocolate Factory ’08, Prelude ’07) with writer Stephanie Fleischmann & Latitude 14, composing the work’s music and sound design. She also co-created TINDER with Latitude 14 (HERE ’10, EXIT Festival, Creteil ’09), and performs in both works. She recently accompanied composer/sound artist Joe Diebes on a research residency at STEIM in Amsterdam, NL, and is currently generating content for an experimental film & sound platform, PARTS ARE EXTRA, with filmmaker Peter Norrman (NYSCA Film, Media, New Technologies 2010). Her work has received support from the American Music Center’s Composer Assistance Program, New York State Music Fund, Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, Meet the Composer, NYSCA, Tobin Foundation for Theatre, Digital Performance Institute, Chashama, The Chocolate Factory, KO Festival at Amherst, and individual patrons. Known as a performer for her “ethereal voice and instrumental prowess” (BUST Magazine), she has appeared in: BOTCH (Joe Diebes); HYPATIA (Joe Diebes/Mac Wellman); I/O (Diebes/Phil Soltanoff); A HARLOT’S PROGRESS (Theodora Skipitares); BENITA CANOVA (Richard Foreman); films SATAN HATES YOU and THE OFF SEASON; and music groups KILL DULL CARES and PARKER & LILY/THE LOW LOWS. Christina has toured extensively performing her own works and the works of her collaborators: STEIM (Amsterdam, NL); Noorderzon (NL); EXIT (Creteil, FR); Theatre Garonne (Toulouse, FR); Fin de Siecle (Nantes, FR); Fusebox Festival (Austin); Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh); Long Beach Opera (CA); and art-rock clubs throughout the U.S. and Europe. Co-founder, Latitude 14. For more information, please visit


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