for RED FLY/BLUE BOTTLE by Campanella & Fleischmann

“…moody, driving music… lyrical monologues, otherworldly videos and an ingeniously eerie set… [Red Fly/Blue Bottle is] a purposefully elusive work, a poetic meditation…”
The New York Times

“An Ominous and Beautiful Dream.”
Dagblad van het Noorden, Groningen, NL

…sweetly strange…a complete, unique universe. Red Fly/Blue Bottle just might generate some buzz.”
The Village Voice

“…an intriguing, richly layered work of music-theater that resists categorization…” Arts Blog

“Christina Campanella’s music is lovely and haunting, Stephanie Fleischmann’s writing is elliptical and intriguing…”

“Look closer,” Clarissa urges herself. Experience more deeply, these artists seem to urge their audiences. Seeing and seeking are more important than knowing. Journeys are more interesting than destinations. Embrace mystery. Intuit instead.
—Brooklyn Rail

“One of the things that connects us all is our fascination with objects … their history, their memories and their associative properties as well as their stories,” Fleischmann said, speaking recently in a joint interview with Campanella.
—Times Union


“A finely detailed, layered portrait…Eloise & Ray is a bittersweet, lyrical account of a love-starved survivor in a vast, lonely place.”
—Village Voice

“A feminist Sam Shepard with a gift for complicated narrative—a writer who can conjure something between a dreamy road movie and a theatrical coming-of-age tale, and who can piece these elements together in the style of a jagged ballad for guitar.”
—Chicago Sun-Times


“Campanella’s compositions envelop the audience, with densely, dexterously woven textures often pulling together heavy rock rhythms, throwback sounds of a toy piano and an accordion, and elegiac cello and vocal patterns.”

“Christina Campanella has sparks aplenty.”
—Village Voice

for Hayley Finn
coming soon


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